URL Rewriter with proxy

I am trying to add a rewrite rule in Bloomreach CMS to proxy api requests to an external domain. It works if I give type as “Temporary redirect (302)”, but if I set type as “Proxy”, I am getting 500 error. I have checked firewall between server where app is hosted and to the external domain and it’s open. Is there any additional configuration required to make the proxy work? I have tried both advanced rule as well as XML rule, getting same error

Source: https://www.sitedomain.com/api/public/details/?query=XYZ
Target: https://www.externaldomain.com/api/public/v1/details/?query=XYZ

Not working, giving 500 error

Working, if we set type as redirect

Have you been able to determine where the error is occurring? In my experience, it’s helpful to run the Bloomreach solution locally and attach the debugger. That should allow you to step through the code and see the exact request that is being made and the details of the error. It may also be helpful to get the log files and see if there are any exceptions/errors.