Url/site/_cmsinternal 500 (Internal Server Error) channel manger


I am using Bloomreach 12.4.1 on the dev environment the channel manner works fine. But on my test environment I see the channel but when I click on the channel I get a 500 servers errror. In my browser console ouput I see: ‘site/_cmsinternal 500 (Internal Server Error)’. The site is available. The main difference between dev and test is that test the cms and site from test are on a different host.

I have tried what is written in the above url but it did not work for me.

Anyone suggestions or a clue what could be the problem?

In advanced thanks for your time and effort.

A. Singh

Check the cmslocation property of the related virtualhostgroup node in console

The property is fine it always worked but after the upgrade from 11 to 12 the channel manager does not work anymore. I have double checked it in the console

If remote debugging is a possibility you can set a breakpoint in the hstdelegateefilterbean#doFIlter and see why the request does not go through. My guess is that it’s behind some kind of a proxy that changes host headers and you do not have the right host config to match that request

If there is a 500 I expect there is a stack trace or some indication in the logs.

In the log i do not see a a stack trace for a 500 error only the Failed to retrieve query result node uuid
javax.jcr.ItemNotFoundException: the same as from a other post.

What we see is that in the the Request Headers on dev environment we have a Host property but not on the test environment. What kind of configuration sets this? Hosts?

Are those errors related to requests or are those errors on startup as you asked in that thread? In any case, solve that issue first.

You most likely do have some server/proxy misconfiguration. See:

I have found the solution the problem was that on one server (we have two) the repository on the file system was corrupted (we noticed this by deep debugging) so we create the repository again and it worked.