Use Delivery API v0.9 temporarily in BrXm 15

Is it possible to still use delivery API v0.9 in BrXm 15?
I know that the documentation says that BrXm 15 only supports v1.0, but our current project would benefit from using v0.9.
We are currently evaluating a migration to BrXm 15 from 13. So all our dependent applications rely on delivery API v0.9. Now, we expect things to go wrong during the migration, so we would prefer to first deal with all issues relating to the migration itself and then with the upgrade of the dependent applications to handle delivery API v1.0.

One obvious solution would be to upgrade BrXm from 13 to 14 first. Then upgrade the dependent applicatons and finally update to BrXm 15. This introduces another migration step, which is why it is not our preferred way to go about it. Hence, we are looking for other solutions.


you will need to upgrade to version 14 anyway. You cannot go from v13 straight to v15.


technically yes. We will have to follow the provided upgrade steps. And thus the project will be using BrXm 14 for some time, at least locally. That in-between state never has to hit our production environment though, right?

It doesn’t have to hit your production environment, but your final production database will have had a v14 running on it. But basically I don’t think you can use 0.9 in a v15 project. Even if it seems to work, we could not address any issues you have other than asking you to update.

0.9 code base is removed from v15 so you will need to upgrade your SPA version which supports 1.0 page model API.