User access to Shared Folder(outside of Channel content Path) and Channel viewer access for all channels

Hello All,

We are having requirement to provide access to the users on a Shared document type folder(Outside of channel documents) and these users should have channel viewer access to the all the channels. This shared documents are used across all websites so user only need view access to channel.

Steps that followed:

  1. Access to the specific document folder – This is working with providing the domain configuration and providing the below userroles.
    Here english-shared are of the sites content path folder.


Access working:

  1. Channel viewer : As this documents are outside of the channel folder so even giving the channel viewer access to the user groups , channel are not visible.

Access provided to the Group:

Document folder Structure:

Content Path configured for Sites are
Sites1 –

Sites2 : /content/documents/global/global/abc/sites/site2

Similar provided readonly access for both the sites and site preview

Provide the readonly access/channel viewer authrole and editor role

Any thoughts any why and how to enable the user with channel view access?

Any thought on this requirment would be helpfull. Pls suggest.