Access Permission Setup to allow other channel users to copy documents


We have a setup similar to the following channel content document folders:

  • channel-1-root-folder
    |–> channel 1 child folder 1
    |–> channel 1 child folder 2
  • channel-2-root-folder
    |–> channel 2 child folder 1
    |–> channel 2 child folder 2

We have setup few groups channel-1-reader and channel-2-reader in order to grant readonly document access for other channel authors/editors. For example, channel-2-reader group/membership will be assigned to a channel 1 author/editor so that that person will have readonly access to channel-2-root-folder folder and its descendants (and use/associate it on channel 1 documents if required). This works fine.

Now, we need the ability to let other channel authors/editors to copy documents, but not modify it. For example, channel 1 user can read documents under channel-2-root-folder and copy it under channel-1-root-folder, but not modify any documents under channel-2-root-folder. Is there any way to set this role up via brXM access permission ? Thank you!