V13 and "hcm.properties" file location


We have separate deployment of authoring and delivery applications. We just upgraded from 12.4 to 13.1 version and using single site mode. I have a problem with deploying platform (ex. repository.war) application on delivery server. The error I get is:

10.04.2019 16:06:12 [localhost-startStop-1] INFO [org.hippoecm.repository.security.SecurityManager.configure():133] Security provider ‘internal’ initialized.
10.04.2019 16:06:24 [localhost-startStop-1] ERROR [org.onehippo.cm.engine.ConfigurationServiceImpl.serviceRegistered():1020] Failed to read hcm-site.yaml
java.io.FileNotFoundException: META-INF/hcm-site.yaml
at org.onehippo.cm.engine.ConfigurationServiceImpl.serviceRegistered(ConfigurationServiceImpl.java:1015) [hippo-repository-engine-13.1.0.jar:13.1.0]
at org.onehippo.cms7.services.WhiteboardServiceRegistry.register(WhiteboardServiceRegistry.java:107) [hippo-services-13.1.0.jar:13.1.0]

It looks like the plaftorm app expects “hcm-site.yaml”, necessary for Multi Site mode. But we are using Single site mode. Only guessing, but could this be because “hcm.properties” is in /cms module and not in /site module? Also documentation seems to be little unclear about this:

HCM sites support disabled through use.hcm.sites flag in hcm.properties file in src/main/resources folder of the site module

There is a cms/src/main/resources/hcm.properties file setting use.hcm.sites to false

Any ideas?


I think it is caused by you bootstrapping, so, should disable bootstrapping on that node.

Bootstrapping is on false, same as in our (working) 12.4 version app.


I would say that your observations are correct and page [1] should be updated.

Could you validate that your resources are included in your cms module build ?


I checked cms.war artifact on authoring server and it contains “hcm.properties” file. But the problem for me is delivery server and platform.war app error on startup “java.io.FileNotFoundException: META-INF/hcm-site.yaml”. This file should not be necessary, since we are in Single Site mode.

My next suggestion would be to go through the dependencies for all the related modules.

The upgrade steps to v13 as well the separate distributions setup include plenty additions/removals with regards dependencies. Just to make sure that you are not pulling any unnecessary dependencies in your delivery nodes.

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Run into the same problem as the author of this topic:

While not running it on separate author and delivery it seems not to pick up the:
containing: use.hcm.sites=false

When applied use.hcm.sites as system property setenv.sh/bat or within cargo.run
< systemProperties >
< use.hcm.sites>false</use.hcm.sites>
< /systemProperties >

Then it will work for me

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Same solution also worked for me! FileNotFoundException went away! Thanks!