Webfiles:anticache went missing during load test

Hi All,

We were conducting load test for our application and found out for few times “webfiles:anticache” went missing for webfiles and it gave 404 error. I wasn’t able to replicate the issue. Wondering what could have caused this issue? Wanted to know if this is some known issue or under what circumstances it may went missing?

normally: /webfiles/15536653/assets/myapp/fonts/xxxx
observed: /webfiles//assets/myapp/fonts/xxxx


Thanks for the report but I’m not aware this ever happened before…

Did the property /webfiles/site/webfiles:anticache actually got removed from the repository?
Was there a deployment or webfiles change going on perhaps?

Actually your value 15536653 seems a little short… normally this is a time stamp in millis, e.g. 1564129457 for just now.


Hi Jeroen,

The property ‘webfiles:anticache’ is intact there. Also, there was no deployment or changes going on then.

The value is ‘15536653’ is not the actual value. I just made it up else I had to take it from console. Actual value is ‘1564081225881’.