XM Configuration Editor


Im creating this topic in order to check if someone has implemented this https://github.com/bloomreach/xm-configuration-editor/ in their Bloomreach project

We are in the process to implement it in our project, so we would like to know if there is someone who already did this, to ask for help/questions.


hi @Mario_Lopez,

I know that this plugin is being used, though I can’t tell you who is using it. Your best place for asking questions is right here.

We are in the third week of implementing this in our project.

The FE part is based on React and we are facing a few problems trying to retrieve the information from the columns.

As you can see in this image (for some reason, the main container changes his name to an UUID, which is not a problem for now), we have a a couple of row elements with Columns inside. The mapping of the “Row” it is correct because we can access the React component attached to it. It happens the same with the Column, but for some reason, we dont get any information there.
My guesses are because the column has a different name, not “column”, it has an UUID instead
so we are doing the mapping based on the label. In addittion, in the resourceAPI, I guess the type could have also something to do. Has anyone faced this problem before?

Another problem we have, if we add any parameter to a Row, it appears also in the children, which is something we dont want.
Let’s imagine, I add a property in the Row, which is backGround color for example and set it to red, all the Columns inside that Row, get that property aswell.

If anyone have experienced this and got a fixed, I will be pleased to know the answer.