12.6.x Upgrade issues

Hi there. We’re currently running Hippo CMS version 12.5.1. I’ve performed several successful upgrades in the past, but in trying to upgrade to 12.6.x, I’ve hit some issues.

I’m seeing exceptions whenever I try to either publish or unpublish/depublish content. I’m seeing the following on any version of 12.6.x (i.e. 12.6.0 through 12.6.3):

“org.hippoecm.repository.api.WorkflowException: Cannot invoke workflow documentworkflow action depublishBranch: action not allowed or undefined”
“org.hippoecm.repository.api.WorkflowException: Cannot invoke workflow documentworkflow action publishBranch: action not allowed or undefined"

I’ve consulted the upgrade page, which mentions that the document workflow has been modified. As per the advice, I don’t believe we have any customisations to these workflows and so we shouldn’t require any custom upgrade work. I’ve downloaded a fresh 12.6.3 archetype version for comparison (from here, just changed the version listed to 12.6.3).

I compared the audit log outputs and the /hippo:configuration/hippo:workflows console structure between our 12.5.1 install, an upgraded 12.6.3 install (with the workflow exceptions mentioned above) and the fresh 12.6.3 archetype , and can’t see any differences between the three in these areas.

The audit logs for the workflow events were identical (apart from the exceptions listed above in the upgraded 12.6.3 install):
“methodName”:“depublish” // [or “publish”]

The YAML export of /hippo:configuration/hippo:workflows was identical between all three too.

Could you offer any advice on how best to proceed?

Have you modified SCXML rules in your project? If so, you need to reapply your changes to the new version.

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Gary – I completed this upgrade not to long ago and had made changes to the SCXML rules mentioned by machak, located here in console: path=/hippo:configuration/hippo:modules/scxmlregistry/hippo:moduleconfig/hipposcxml:definitions/documentworkflow . What I did to get the upgrade to work was download the archetype project 12.6.x and diff my hipposcxml:source between the versions, depending on the changes that were made for your project it should be as simple as reapplying the changes to the 12.6.x hipposcxml:source. [I went to the node in console, copied the data from the text area into another application to perform the diffs]. The trick I used to get the upgrade to work was, after making those changes to the 12.6.x version, I committed that version to 12.5.x and then stopped my local instance.
Afterwards the 12.6.x SCXML changes were already in my project, I made necessary changes based on upgrade steps and the upgrade worked.
Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the replies machak and mdg! I didn’t pay enough attention to the SCXML page since we haven’t customised it - hadn’t realised the SCXML source itself would need to be replaced.

Seems to be working fine now - cheers!