Restrict/hide 2 content folders in cms for 2 different admin groups

Hi All,
I have 2 content folders(folder1, folder2). I have 2 user groups(grp1, grp2) and these 2 group has admin access and i have assigned the user role “xm.default-user.system-admin or xm.default-user.cms-admin” to these group. My requirement is grp1 user should see folder1 and grp2 user should see folder2, I created 2 facet role and given access to corresponding group separately.
I am facing the below problem

If i am giving editor access(xm.default-user.editor) to both the groups then i it is working fine as per our requirement( grp1 user can see folder1 and grp2 user can see folder2 )
But if i am giving admin role(xm.default-user.system-admin or xm.default-user.cms-admin) to these 2 groups and i am opening cms with grp1 user credential then i am able to see folder1 and folder 2 both instead of folder1
How will i achieve the scenario for these 2 admin group for restrict the content folder ?
I am following Deny Access to a Folder

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