Add an extra device option to the drop-down of the Channel Editor's toolbar

Hi guys,

Bloomreach Experience Manager supports fixed set of viewport width (devices): Responsive (Any Device), Desktop, Tablet, Phone.

Is it possible to add extra device option to the drop-down menu of the Channel Editor?

I noticed, we can override the default values of the viewport widths ( And found some, probably, obsolete article about that but not sure if it is relevant (

Thank you in advance,

Hi Mykyta,

Adding extra device options besides the default four is not possible. As explained at, it is possible to show only some of these four devices and to change the preview width they’ll trigger.

Fully customizable (well, sort of) device skins were part of version 10, but that’s no longer supported.



Thank you @mathijs ! will think how we can deal with it :slight_smile: