How can I edit my channel settings?

I’ve gotten a 14.3.3 project started with the Essentials Site Skeleton. I’d like to add some custom channel settings for my project, but thus far, I’m unable to edit the channel settings. The option is just grayed out for me. Do I need to do anything to enable the channel settings in my channel? The hst:channel node is below my hst:workspace node, which, from what I understood, is the only thing I need to do to make the settings authorable.


Hi Sarah,
What settings do you expect to see there?
The archetype does not implement any channel parameters, those are project specific. See [1] on how to do that, and demo [2] on how it can look.

Regards, Jeroen

[1] Define a Channel’s Configuration Parameters - Bloomreach Experience - Open Source CMS

Hi, Jeroen!

Thanks so much for those links! They were very helpful. I was able to implement the functionality I needed.

Have a great weekend!