Adding a new page in CMS version 10.2.4


I was looking for documentation for adding a new page on CMS version 10 but couldn’t find any, the documentation was for the later versions. Does anyone know how to do it for v10?


Version 10 is no longer supported, and for various reasons the documentation for those versions have been removed. My first recommendation would be to move to a more recent supported version. With a version that old you should consider just starting a new project to rebuild the functionality and then migrate the content.

That having been said, a page requires configuration, a sitemap item, and a template. So you need a page configuration, this is where you define the strucutre of the page and the Java components that serve them. The sitemap item makes the link between the page configuration and the template.

Most of the details of page configuration are similar to what you see in the documentation now, however some things will be missing. I think there were prototype pages in 10, but not xpages, for example.