Auto Export stores document inside parent folder YAML file


I’m using Bloomreach CMS for the first time and using the project archetype which includes the application and development modules within the repository-data module.

When I create a folder in the CMS and then some new documents within the folder, the Auto Export Addon creates the new documents within the folder YAML file and not as separate files. Is this expected behaviour?

I was hoping each new document would be exported as a new separate YAML file so I could then move them into the development module but keep the folder definition in the application module.

Is this a configuration error in the Auto Export Add-on or something more basic?

See example YAML file below:

  jcr:primaryType: hippostd:folder
  jcr:mixinTypes: ['hippo:named', 'hippotranslation:translated', 'mix:versionable']
  jcr:uuid: 545ee45a-ee47-4892-b96a-392a7abaaf57
  hippo:name: Articles
  hippostd:foldertype: [new-translated-folder, new-document]
  hippotranslation:id: 2e76e901-736f-413a-8e2f-e25d1f56365c
  hippotranslation:locale: en
    jcr:primaryType: hippo:handle
    jcr:mixinTypes: ['hippo:versionInfo', 'mix:referenceable']
    jcr:uuid: 51505645-450d-4d59-bbcc-1ecd610dad78
    hippo:versionHistory: 9b962f66-9191-4d59-8d31-6b2497a167ef
      jcr:primaryType: myproject:Article
      jcr:mixinTypes: ['mix:referenceable']
      jcr:uuid: a676f610-d6d0-4b5b-a133-68639074bfc6
      hippo:availability: []
      hippostd:retainable: false
      hippostd:state: draft
      hippostdpubwf:createdBy: admin
      hippostdpubwf:creationDate: 2021-07-06T12:16:42.344+01:00
      hippostdpubwf:lastModificationDate: 2021-07-06T12:16:42.344+01:00
      hippostdpubwf:lastModifiedBy: admin
      hippotranslation:id: 91394682-fdcd-4fc3-aee5-300172c9aceb
      hippotranslation:locale: en
      myproject:description: Walk
      myproject:title: Bath

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