Auto Export Unavailable - 12.2

I have a project (version 12.2.0), which shows “Auto Export Unavailable” in cms/console in local dev env. I have verified that the following items and they all seem to be configured correctly to show auto export in local dev env.

  1. autoexport:enabled = true @ /hippo:configuration/hippo:modules/autoexport/hippo:moduleconfig
  2. maven profile does contain " <project.basedir>{project.basedir}</project.basedir>"

Am I missing something here? any idea what else may be disabling the auto-export feature?


you might be missing dependency, as always, run archetype project and compare your own pom.xml with created one.
See also:


Also check your log for errors.

Mahesh!!! Hope you’re doing well :slight_smile:

Hi Arje, you can tell I definitely miss the Hippo days!! I will ping you directly :slight_smile: