Best practice for bootstrap the channel information

hi guys,

From Hippo 12 started categorized bootstrap data into 2 part application and development.

Let say I have channel name channel-a , so practically we should put the data for the node /hst:hst/hst:configurations/channel-a into development part because basically development environment and production environment will never have same channel configuration.

It is not uncommon for development and production to have the same channel configuration. Especially for configuration outside the workspace. If this does not match your use case then you can change the configuration of autoexport (or disable it). This means changes in your sitemap on production will have to be managed manually, which is probably not what you want.

Yes you are right @jasper.floor
But ideally the hst:workspace should be put into development configuration data right ?

You would think so, but by default these are not development. This is more of a grey area. It would seem obvious that changes in the channel manager should be environment specific, but even here there can be need to bootstrap data. However, this is marked as content so data is only loaded once and then managed on the environment. But certainly some data should be in development rather than application, for which you can either change auto-export or move the files in your project manually.