Configure autoexport to site-development module

Hi guys,

In the latest version of brXM, we have nice separation of bootstrap content by split the data into 4 separated sub modules under repository-data module: application, development, site, site-development.

There is a case when creating page using Experience Manager, system will created some data hst:page, hst:sitemap under hst:workspace node. We want such data is avaialble for development environments and because this is for the site construction, so ideally it should be autoexported into site-development module.

We try to achieve that by by learning from this Automatic Export Add-on - Bloomreach Experience - Headless Digital Experience Platform and using below configuration under autoexport module

autoexport:modules: ['repository-data/application:/', repository-data/development,

But that does not work for us, data still being exported to site module. Any direction could be appreciated :slight_smile:


on first look that seems correct. Since this question has lingered I suggest asking Bloomreach support directly.