Bloomreach integration with Spartacus

I have an existing application built using Hybris and jsp. We need to move some static pages to Bloomreach and the application will be made headless. We are using the Spartacus storefront for the same. Spartacus will be integrated to Hybris and for pages that are not present in Hybris, we need to make a call to Bloomreach from Spartacus to get those pages. For that, I am trying to integrate Bloomreach to Spartacus. Can someone help me with steps or link to steps to complete integration for the same. Any lead is appreciated. Thanks

I have no knowledge of Spartacus or Hybris. From the bloomreach side, it depends on what you want brxm to deliver. Do you want a complete html web page, or do you want json response for your frontend? Or something else?

I want document to be returned from Bloomreach, which I need to render between header and footer using Spartacus

Right, so you want a json response? See:

Using json response, I will have to create html on my own. I need direct mapping, so that page/component created in Bloomreach is rendered as it is in my UI

Hello @RohitMaini ,
maybe these links are closer to what you are looking for

I tried cloning the demo application, but its giving error.

I saw that the npm package talks to only page model api. But in my case, I want to talk to delivery api as I want to get documents created inside Bloomreach.
I need to retrieve document from bloomreach and render it between header and footer in my Spartacus application.

Using api approach, will have to write html/css on our own, It defeats the purpose of using Bloomreach for CMS.
We need to create pages/components in bloomreach and view them in our app. How can we achieve it?