Bloomreach Vue-Sdk memory leak with Nuxt

Hi guys!

We are using the Bloomreach vue-sdk (@bloomreach/vue-sdk - npm) with Nuxt in our project.

We have defined a plugin file:

// bloomreach.ts
import Vue from 'vue';
import { BrSdk } from '@bloomreach/vue-sdk';


And importing it in the nuxt.config file:

  plugins: [
      src: '~/plugins/bloomreach.ts',

But doing it this way, we have a memory leak issue after getting up the server and performing a couple of requests to the page.

We have referred to the official nuxt documentation, and realized that using the plugin as per blomreach vue-sdk documentation can cause the memory leak:

Don't use Vue.use(), Vue.component(), and don't make changes to the Vue prototype or global Vue object inside the function exported by your plugin. (It would cause a memory leak on server-side.)

Could you help us to make use of the dependency correctly with Nuxt and without losing the Server Side Rendering?

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Thanks for this report. I just wanted to say our engineers did see this message and are investigating this.


Hi @jasper.floor! Do you have any news on this issue?