Vite + Vue3 + TS + SRR SDK VUE

Does anyone have a clue as to what the VITE + SSR implementation should look like?

When I simply had Vite + Vue3 + TS + SDKaVue3, it worked fine, but when I add SSR, or use the Vite installation kits, and then add the Vue3 SDK, the same errors or crashes.

Hi Przemek. What is the error you are getting?

We also provide an example implementation of Vue SSR. You can check it out here:

I’ll do the setup again soon to see the error. Thank you for the example, but the above example shows that it concerns Nuxta, not vite+vue3

if (url.startsWith(“//”)) {

TypeError: url.startsWith is not a function
at parseUrl (…\vitSsr\node_modules@bloomreach\spa-sdk\dist\index.umd.js:366:17)

    <a href="" target="_blank">
      <img src="/vite.svg" class="logo" alt="Vite logo" />
    <a href="" target="_blank">
      <img src="./assets/vue.svg" class="logo vue" alt="Vue logo" />
  <br-page :configuration="configuration" :mapping="mapping">
    <template v-slot="props">
        <!-- <a :href="'/')">Home</a> --> **it make error to**
        <br-component component="menu" />
        <br-component component="main" />
        <br-component component="footer" />
  <HelloWorld msg="Vite + Vue" />
<script setup lang="ts">
import { TYPE_CONTAINER_ITEM_UNDEFINED } from '@bloomreach/spa-sdk'
import axios from 'axios'
import Fallback from './components/Fallback.vue'
import Menu from './components/Menu.vue'
import BannerCTA from './components/BannerCTA.vue'
import TitleAndText from './components/TitleAndText.vue'
import Content from './components/Content.vue'
import SingleBannerCarousel from './components/SingleBannerCarousel.vue'
import MultiBannerCarousel from './components/MultiBannerCarousel.vue'
import Navigation from './components/Navigation.vue'
import SearchBar from './components/SearchBar.vue'

const isBrowser = typeof window !== "undefined";

const configuration = {
   NBRMode: true,
  path: isBrowser && `${window.location.pathname}${}`,
  endpoint: '',
  httpClient: axios
const mapping = {

And what is the node version you are using? And also what is the bloomreach spa-sdk version you use?

node -v
“dependencies”: {
@bloomreach/spa-sdk”: “^23.3.0”,
@bloomreach/vue-sdk”: “^23.3.0”,


The issue occurs because the path property in the configuration object on the server side receives a “false” value instead of an “undefined” or an actual path string.