Cannot find Custom Validator [version 14.7.3]


I created a custom validator with the following instructions: Create a Custom Validator - Bloomreach Experience Manager (PaaS/Self-Hosted) - The Fast and Flexible Headless CMS

If I use the validator with the regexp.pattern property, it works. As soon as I want to use the validator with the hipposys.className property via a Java class I get the following error message:

WARN http-nio-8080-exec-8 [ValidatorService.getValidator:83] Cannot find validator ‘TestValidator’

I copied the Validator class from the instructions and adapted only the name and pattern key. It is also in the same package as an already functioning custom listener.

What else could be causing the validator class not to be found?


Do you have hipposys.className as you wrote or hipposys:className as documented?
Does the compiled TestValidator.class end up in your cms.war, in WEB-INF/classes?


I am using hipposys:className (i just copied the email node).
I am working local but if I create an deploy package the TestValidator.class end up in my cms.war

Maybe there’s an earlier error “Cannot create validator ‘TestValidator’:…” in the logs, on startup or on reconfiguration of the module at /hippo:configuration/hippo:modules/validation/hippo:moduleconfig

Yes, there was actually an error message at startup. After I corrected the exception, the TestValidator worked.

Thanks for the help!