Failed to find the custom action class

Hi all,
I have created custom action class in workflow, there already existing classes are in the packages, I created my VideoAction class there, I always get
ERROR main [RepositorySCXMLRegistry.refresh:154] Invalid SCXML at /hippo:configuration/hippo:modules/scxm

org.onehippo.repository.scxml.SCXMLException: Failed to find the custom action class: org.onehippo.repository.scxml.VideoAction
when I start my app and also when I debug my app I am able to see debug option in all classes except VideoAction.
My custom action class:
**public class VideoAction extends AbstractAction {
private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

public void setActionexpr(final String actionexpr) {
    setParameter("actionexpr", actionexpr);

public String getActionexpr() {
    return getParameter("actionexpr");

protected void doExecute(final ActionExecutionContext exctx) throws ModelException, SCXMLExpressionException,
        WorkflowException, RepositoryException {}}**

and it’s related changes in scxml file

<hippo:action action=“video” />
– — – **
– –

** <hippo:video actionexpr=“video” />

** **
Above is just dummy implementation for understanding.
I need your’s help to fix this issue.

I think you also need a coresponding hipposcxml:action node to link the scxml to the java class.

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Hi @jasper.floor ,
Below is what I have configured in scxml file.
state id=“status”>
<hippo:action action=“video” actionexpr=“video”/>
transition event=“video”>
<hippo:video actionexpr=“video” />

and node linking is here :-

Is your class deployed / compiled properly? (needs to be in cms app)
Check your jar or classes folder if you are not packaging it in a module.

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Yes, issue was compilation, I have fixed that, thanks for your help.