Channel manager doesn't use the hst:host CDN property


my client uses version 12.6.7 and we have configured our accept & prod environment to use CDN (
All works fine in the website, there the static webfiles like JS & CSS are retrieved from the CDN.

However, we found out that the channel manager doesn’t! It still uses an _cmsinternal url to retrieve these files. I think this is a bug, am I correct?
Or is this expected behavior? And if so, how can we solve this?


Not a bug but (by design).
Why would you want to cache channel manager requests?

because we only want serve these static files from CDN and not be a part of the delivered package.

huh…so without files being on origin server? Never heard of such thing…(thought it wasn’t even possible), but, no, we don’t support that.

You can use urlrewriter to remap those resources, that would be your only option (well, not the only one, but remapping urls would be your only option, you can use other ways to remap it. )