brXM 13 - after Upgrade there are no channels visible



I tried to upgrade my project from 12.5 to 13.0.0-1, but in the end there are no channels visible in the channel manager.
2 people tried the step for step guide, but it didnt work. :frowning:

Does anyone had the same problem and what was the solution for you?



Have you updated your hosts configuration, adding a new mount below /hst:platform as suggested here [1] ? This operation is implicitly part of this step [2]




Yep. I added a cms host like the documentation says it.


Ok, then you may check this page [1].

In case you have error logs while accessing the channel overview page, please share them.



There’s only one error log:

[INFO] [talledLocalContainer] 19.03.2019 16:46:05 WARN http-nio-8080-exec-2 [ChannelStore.loadChannels:473] Cannot get channels: Channel Manager is not available since there is not HstRequestContext

I’ve changed some Hippo loggers to debug, but there’s no other promising logs. Opening the site itself works fine.


Is HstFilter configured properly on CMS side?