CMS and CMS console buttons in reverse order after upgrade to 12

Hi all,

Have this ever happened to you? We are upgrading hippo from version 11 to 12.

In version 11, the ok and cancel buttons are in the original order:

version 11: cms console

version 11: cms

In version 12, after upgrade, the buttons are in reverse order:

version 12: cms console

version 12: cms

Could anyone give us a hint what is wrong or if there are any specific versions with the buttons in that order?

The reordering of buttons in dialogs is part of a UX effort to align them. The rule is that the affirmative action button is always on the right. When you upgrade to 13 you will find that the alignment progresses more and more.

Thanks so much, bertleunis, I just needed confirmation about that (I could see in the dom they were loaded in that new order and wondered if it was something wrong on our side).