CMS asset upload limits

Is it possible to set a limit for uploaded files depending on the type? For example, a different limit for mp4 files and another for webm?

This is not possible ootb. In theory you could implement such a feature yourself, but it isn’t something you can easily deduce from the documentation. I wouldn’t recommend doing such a customization.

Thank you for your response. It’s good to know that its doable, unfortunatelly i need to implement this in my company project.
Currently i am trying to do this with UploadValidationService which extends DefaultUploadValidationService, additionally i add two new properties in assetUploadValidation configuration file (web.max. file. size and mp4.max. file. size) but still without success
Anyway thanks again @jasper.floor !

In that case you should look at the ImageUploadPlugin and the GalleryWorkflowPlugin (one for images, one for assets).

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