Community Edition text display after logging into Hippo CMS

I am upgrading from Hippo CMS 10.2.11 to Hippo CMS 11.2.8 (or Hippo Community Edition using the older brand name).

The text “Community Edition” displays on the CMS login page, but the “Community Edition” text does not display on the dashboard where it used to display in 10.2.11 (“Hippo CMS 10.2.11 Community Edition” vs. “Hippo CMS 11.2.8”).

I have verified the below keys are set to “community”

  1. /hippo:configuration/hippo:frontend/login/login/loginPage/edition
  2. /hippo:configuration/hippo:frontend/cms/cms-static/dashboardPerspective/edition

I see the release note on October 17, 2017 states the Hippo CMS Community Edition was re-branded as Hippo CMS, so the display on the dashboard makes sense but the login screen does not. Yet in Hippo CMS 10.2.11 the “Community Edition” text displays. Am I missing some configuration? Or was there a change to Hippo CMS 11.2 that no longer displays “Community Edition” on the dashboard after logging in to the CMS (but does display “Community Edition” on the login screen)?

Thank you for your assistance!

Hi Ryan,

The change you see is intentional. The product was re-branded several times over the last years:

  • In October 2016, the ‘enterprise edition’ of Hippo CMS was re-branded to ‘Hippo DX’. As a result, the name shown on the dashboard changed too. It no longer showed ‘Community Edition’ or ‘Enterprise Edition’, but ‘Hippo CMS’ and ‘Hippo DX’, respectively.

  • After BloomReach acquired Hippo, ‘Hippo DX’ was again rebranded to ‘BloomReach Experience’. The name of the community/free/non-enterprise/other version remained ‘Hippo CMS’.

The rebranding changes we backported to all supported versions. So you probably upgraded from an older 10.x version that still showed ‘Community Edition’ to a newer 11.x version that shows the rebranded name.

hope that helps,


Hi Mathijs,

That helps a lot! Thank you for your response!