Component inheritance - Multi-Delivery Site

Looking at the documentation around inheritance. I have a need to inherit the catalog and components from the main project into the site project.

So essentially I want the components under one namespace to show up under another catalog. Is this possible?

documented here:

Thank you @machak! That is what I was following to try and figure this out. Alas, I am having trouble applying the concept. So from using the screenshot as an example, what would the inheritsfrom property have?


Should I expect that to work? Should I expect the catalog to show the catalog in the experience manager?

that should work, just make sure to delete any *-preview channels when testing (preview contains previous settings) and make sure your catalog names have different names (unless you want to override inherited one)

Ah that didn’t seem to work!

I know that this worked outside of a single delivery application. But not getting this to sync correctly in multi-delivery app. Might work on putting this under the main project to circumvent this issue.