HST Configuration Workspace Inheritance

Hello team,

We are trying to achieve below use case, but as per documentation this is not possible. Could you please let us know is there any alternate way to achieve this use case.


  1. Created channel1
  2. created channel2
  3. On channel1 we have added property “inheritsfrom” and added values(…/channel2, …/channel2/hst:workspace)
  4. created sitemap with the name “aaa” in “channel1” and added child sitemap.
    eg: aaa/child_of_aaa_channel1
  5. created sitemap in channel2 with the same name “aaa” and added child sitemap.
    eg: aaa/child_of_aaa_channel2
  6. when we verified the pages in cms channel1, it doesnt contain child_of_aaa_channel2 sitemap.

Expected resolution
channel1 should contain below sitemaps within cms.

Is there any possibility to achieve this ?


This cannot be done. Basically, you have defined aaa in both sitemaps on the the assumption these would be merged. However, they are not merged. The aaa in the inheriting structure will override the inherited aaa. So you will not get the inherited sitemap item. See [1]

[1] HST Configuration Inheritance - Bloomreach Experience Manager - The Fast and Flexible Headless CMS

Thank you for the confirmation.