Document Inheritance

My Customer has a requirement to inherit pages.

As per the channel property inheritfrom, I understand that we can inherit the page template and its components and also the documents attached to the components.
By default I understand that all the inherited components and page elements will be locked in XM and not editable in the child channel.

Now the customer has a requirement to override the documents in the child channel for these inherited pages. This is to show different content in different site , but same page. Is it possible?

Bloomreach inheritance is implemented in a way that more specific configuration will prevail over a more generic one.
So if you have a common configuration that now needs to be changed on a different channel you will need to override that configuration on the channel it-self.
For configuration of pages that were built with drag & drop components will always stay on the workspace node of the specific channel.
e.g. looking at the following newslist page configuration

  • /hst:myproject/hst:configurations/common/hst:pages/newslist
  • /hst:myproject/hst:configurations/myproject/hst:workspace/hst:containers/newslist/main/newslist-component

Even if the newslist Page is configured in the Common node, the main/newslist-component will always be placed on the workspace of the channel myproject/hst:workspace

@nmendes From your explanation what I understand is we can override components or add components to a page inherited from a common channel. Is that correct understanding?

My question was about documents. Lets say document1 is inside the banner component of BrandPage common channel. Now BrandPage is inherited from child channel. If I have to edit document1 which should be only visible in child , is it possible? If yes, could you please inform how?

" Now BrandPage is inherited from child channel. If I have to edit document1 which should be only visible in child , is it possible?"

if you edit content it would be propagated to all inherited components, unless you override that specific document reference (container) in one of your child (container) components.

Ok thank you . From the above my understanding is that if I override a document in my child channel, my content can be overridden.

I could not find the right document on how to do it, could you please point me the correct developer documentation section which describes the document overriding?

In short, within our HST configuration there is no such a thing as “overriding document” or “document inheritance”. You can override components which are responsible for content fetching. Although, it (end result) boils down to the same thing, you will not find any documentation if you use wrong terminology.

In your case, you probably need a component container with “Simple Content” component, similar to what is described in here: