Container (Area) on Channels doesn't work

Hi everyone, I’m just getting started with HippoCMS, I’m creating a project with archetype 12.3, I created a base-layout template and everything was fine, but then I included a <@hst.include ref=“container”/> in my template, the container it is not displayed and I’m getting the following error in the console browser:

Do am I doing something wrong? Any cue?
Thanks in advanced.

I am doing the training too and I got the same error using the new Archetype Version (12.4.0)

Any comment about this?

Not sure why you are getting that error, but it is unrelated. The reason you don’t see your container is most likely due to configuration. Please see:

Indeed. Sorry about the unrelated JavaScript error. If it persists, you can silence it by editing the root pom.xml file and changing the property ‘’ to false.


Hi All,

We are aware of this issue and found the cause. We are in the process of fixing it. Sorry about the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.



Thanks a lot to all for your answers.
@jasper.floor you were right, this js error was unrelated with the error I was getting, it’s working now, thanks.