Content migration tool include UUIDs in export

Hi all,

We are working on the importation of the content from the intranet to the new bloomreach instance and we have a doubt regarding the content migration tool.

For some document nodes we want to import the same UUID they have in the old instance to the new one, and in case there are conflicts to solve them manually, we don’t want to generate a new UUID.

Checking the export .json file we don’t see that the UUID of the node is present. Is there any way of forcing the importation of the UUID and not generate it automatically?


By migration tool I assume you mean the Hippo Content Export / Import project (aka cotent exim)[1]. Off the top of my head I don’t know exactly how to do this, but you aren’t limited to the defaults in the project. The nodes are mapped with another forge library, the Hippo JCR POJO Binding [2]. I think you would need to create a custom node mapper. You should be able to configure it to use this in the exim tool. This will require some custom code, but it should be doable.

[1] Hippo Content EXIM (EXport/IMport) Documentation – Introduction
[2] Hippo JCR POJO Binding Documentation – Introduction