Hippo Content EXIM Import for Hippo 10

I’m trying to set up a semi-automated way to export content from one environment and import it into another, I’ve discovered this tool (https://bloomreach-forge.github.io/content-export-import/) but I am having trouble importing content.

I’ve used the example script to export content in the correct manner however every-time I try to import content I get the following error:

[INFO] [talledLocalContainer] Caused by: org.onehippo.forge.content.exim.core.DocumentManagerException: Failed to add a document with 'test-document' under '/content/documents/en/US/EAP/test'.'. java.lang.IllegalStateException: Folder at '/content/documents/en/US/EAP/test' is not allowed to add a document.

I cannot use the built in REST services as I am working on hippo 10 and the tool did not have built in REST services in the compatible version have created a REST endpoint to handle the importing and have even tried adding the configuration it says for the built in however I believe that this does not work as there is no hippo:module.

I have tried different locations along the /content/documents path with each location allowing the addition of the type of document I’ve tried to add even created a folder with default settings of allowing the generic document.