Content Search Integration RSA Key Storage


I am working on configuring the Content Search Integration on my local Bloomreach instance. This integration requires that I create private RSA keys and store them somewhere on my local and remote servers, however the documentation does not mention where I should store these keys. Are there any recommendations on where to store private RSA keys, either in the codebase or on the remote servers in the Bloomreach Cloud?


that is OS dependant, so, check SSH documentation for whatever OS you are using…
I suspect Windows or MacOS as linux users wouldn’t ask such a question :grinning:

Thanks for the response! I do understand where they are stored on my machine (I’m running MacOS). My question is for deploying these keys to a code repo for use by other developers, and for storing the keys on the Bloomreach Cloud. Do you happen to know where I should store them? I have heard that they should be stored in the tomcat directory, which is contained in the target folder, but that doesn’t seem right to me, as the target folder is deleted each time I run mvn clean verify, which is the recommended build command for Bloomreach instance.