Version13 Upgrade: Query realted to hst:platform

Hi Team,

We are working on hippo upgrade from 12.6.7 to 13.0.0. I have question related to hst:platform node.

The configuration for dev-localhost is already present after the upgrade13 for local.

As per the below documentation Url:

The CMS will only show sites in the Channel Manager of hosts groups with the same name that the CMS URL is matched to.

So we need to have configuration for dev,test and prod environments. But I have question that do we need to make changes (/hst:platform/hst:hosts)
manually on these environments or can we move it through svn?


Hi Priyanka,
It’s really up to yourselves whether to store /hst:platform/hst:hosts in your svn or not. It’s not needed for running locally but it can be good for backtracking changes, obviously.

Bear in mind that if you move your database sometimes from production to lower environments, it does make sense to have it for all environments on production, otherwise you’d need to re-configure those parts every time.


Hello Jeroen,

Thanks for your quick reply. Is there is any specific yaml file for hst:platform configuration where we can have /hst:platform/hst:hosts specific changes for e.g. dev


“Is there is any specific yaml file for hst:platform configuration”

Just enable auto-export and configure your test/acct/prod hosts and it will be exported.
There is no “special” file, but you can create it.