Copied contents do not appear in the search results

Hi buddies,

Recently, I have developed our UI actions to make the possibility of copying search result to somewhere else, although it is working well but until editing copied contents by the user and publishing, these content do not appear in the search results.

Please tell me how can I solve this problem, if you have any example in hand, it would be nice to pass it to me.

Best regards,
M. Kaloukh

Hey @raptor ,

unpublished documents not showing up in search results is expected functionality.

In the customisation you have introduced you can publish the content programmatically to avoid the intervention of your editors if that is desired.


Hello @raptor,

We are happy you are part of Bloomreach Developer’s Community.
Thank you for reaching out to us.
We hope we have answered your queries and therefore marking this thread for Closure.
Looking forward to your continuous contribution towards our vibrant Bloomreach Community.

Thank you