Custom user group for specific parts of page

Hi all. We want to create a new group of users which will only be able to change the SEO content for the pages.

This SEO content can be informed either as a part of a document or as a component that can be added in the experience manager. Our doubt is, can we by creating a new group, restrict a user to change the content of a specific component in a page while restricting the other components of the page, the same way with documents?

So, for example, in a page with a banner component, a faq component, and a seo component, make the user only able to add/remove or edit the SEO component while him not being able to change anything else on the page. I know that we can restrict the access to the channel as a whole, but in this case we only want the user to do any actions with the “SEO component” and nothing else (no page creation, deteing, etc)

kind regards, Francisco

Short answer for both of your questions is: no
There is no way to create domain rules for document fields or on page/component level in channel manager/