Define Document Type to be used for XPages

Hi guys!

Just migrated to BrXM 14.4.0 version and started playing with XPages feature.

Is it possible somehow/somewhere to define XPage to be used only with dedicated document types?

I have a folder where I can create 2 different document types: TypeA (simple document) and TypeB (document type specifically intended to be used with for Experience Pages).
When I choose an option to create TypeB document, I should have Page layout dropdown.
When I create TypeA document - I shouldn’t have an option Page layout.

Currently, once I setup folder to be an Experience Page Folder, all documents inside folder are supposed to be a XPages.

I noticed that it is possible to define a dedicated document type specifically intended to be used with for Experience Pages but haven’t found how.


I know this is old, but for anyone stumbling upon this question.

From the documentation:

The Page type dropdown is populated using the template query referred to by the first value of the folder’s hippostd:foldertype property that ends with “-document”.

Meaning you would have to locate your experience pages folder in the console and edit the hippostd:foldertype property to match the desired template query