Delete channel from the experience manager


how to delete a channel from the experience manager? The following instructions didn’t work for me because the button remains grayed out: Enable Administrators to Delete a Channel - Bloomreach Experience Manager (PaaS/Self-Hosted) - The Fast and Flexible Headless CMS

Can the channel be deleted via the hippo console? Which nodes need to be deleted(hst:configurations, hst:sites, something else)?

Note: we are currently on bloomreach version 14.7.3


Hi @ms2024,

I tested this and it works as expected. Did you also add the hst:deletable property to the -preview node, if one exists?

Yes, I also tried to delete the preview node

The problem was that the url couldn’t be resolved. After I fixed that, I had the next error message (during deletion).

Therefore I would like to know what I need to consider when deleting the channel using the hippo console?

error-message-1: “cannot resolve project config for url”
error-message-2: “Channel ‘xxx’ cannot be deleted because its mounts have children: …”

To delete a channel in the console, remove the mount from hst:hosts, remove the hst:site node and remove the hst:configuration for the channel. Also remove the content if desired, which would have to be done manually anyway as content is strictly speaking separate from the channel (ie it could be used in multiple channels or none).

The message that you cannot delete a mount because it has children means your channel mount has child mounts underneath. These could be separate channels or just rest endpoints. You would need to remove the child mounts first.

Thank you. I was now able to delete the channels via the hippo console

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