How to configure HST fr custom domain?

Hi, I have a domain called in which file I have to add this conifguration for cms and what is the format?

Please help

I’d start reading here:

Yes, I saw this Doc, nowhere mentioned that which file (path) we need to modify for cms.

You change the nodes in the cms console and auto-export module will create the necessary files in your local environment. On first deployment against a clean database these files will populate the nodes in the deployed environment.

If you already are configuring this for higher environments with existing dbs you should do these configurations on each environments’ cms console

This is how my CMS console looks like. Please help me to change the nodes and auto-export of modules.

I want to see channel in Experience Manager.

This is how error is coming while accessing Experience manager

hi, I got your point, Iam ble to configure hosts now
Now issue is with Channels. Iam not able to see “My Project” Channel

It’s because the platform configuration is not done for . Simply follow the documentation here:

(From documentation) Let’s assume Bloomreach Experience Manager has been deployed in a production environment serving one site at and the CMS application at …

Hi, Thaks. That helps.

Hosts are working fine now.

Can you also please check this issue