Display HTML content inside CMS page

Hi Everyone, i want to display a HTML/CSS content (https://codepen.io/travikumar/full/EzPZoK) inside a page where there are already CMS components are present like simple content component, image component. Will anyone suggest how to do it

I’m not sure I understand you. Is this content coming from an external location?

Let me explain, suppose you have a page in cms which is rendering content according to the components present in the CMS. Now you have created a new component using HTML/CSS, JS(Like New Carousel, Pricing Table) separately. Can you include the code in the CMS page or you have to create the component in the cms then add it to the page. If i don’t want to create new component will this be possible?

You will have to include that in a template somewhere. So if it doesn’t fit in existing components you will need to modify them or create a new one.