Display Taxonomy on page

On product page I am trying to display product categories. (Using Taxonomy to add category for product). In my scenario I have added 2 taxonomy (categories) for product and using following code in productpage.ftl file to display categories in which that product falls. But output of following is just iterating the keys and showing ‘|’ two times. Any Idea how can I iterate on taxonomy?

<#list document.keys as item>
<hst:html hippohtml="${item}" /> |

A key is not a rich text field so you can’t use <hst:html> to render it.

There’s an example here on how to go from the key string to a localized name, using <taxonomy:categories> tag:

Also you could do it from the HST component, retrieving the names from Spring instantiated TaxonomyManager


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Thanks for the quick reply. Actually I was trying to set jsp for my template and getting issue with that (Not able to set jsp in property hst:renderpath for template) so wanted to try with .ftl.