How to store taxonomy plugin value as comma separated instead of list in cms editor

Hi all,
I’m using taxonomy plugin to store the categories, it’s storing the value as list in cms editor like this

but i want to store the values like this

how can i achieve this ?

Thanks & Regards,
Madhur Singh

that’s not possible (unless you override some plugin classes yourself)
what’s your use case and what’s added value by storing it comma separated in one field?

Hi Machak,
Can you please tell me what are classes needs to override and where i can find the existing classes.

Thanks & Regards,
Madhur Singh

You can look it up in the source code.
EDIT: thinking of it, it might not be an easy task, because you also need to modify some wicket classes etc. and also HST side (services)
So, if you explain your use case, there might be a better way to do this.