Dynamic Components fieldgroups grouping under different categories in V14

Hello All,

Is it possible to group dynamic component fieldgroups like document, textalignment, buttoncolor etc under different groups.

When a component is dragged and dropped on to the page. Fieldgroups like textAlignment and buttonColor should be grouped under Presentation Section. This was achieved using hst:groupLabel property in V13. But in V14 we are using dynamic components and unable to group it using the same property and nothing available in the documentation. Attaching sample snapshot for reference.


In dynamic component configurations, just add the grouping props in addition like the following example:

          hst:fieldgroups: [appearance, documents]
          hst:fieldgroups.appearance: [alignment, interval]
          hst:fieldgroups.documents: [document1, document2, document3, document4, document5]

In the above example, it’s defining three groups: appearance and documents, followed by each group with which fields to include.



[1] Dynamic Components - Bloomreach Experience - Headless Digital Experience Platform

Thank you for the inputs @woonsanko .