Enterprise EForms - Custom Plugin - Example

Hi all, was wondering if there is a git repo or simple example where we can understand how to implement our own plugin in the chain when a form is submitted.

Ideally we still want it to store the form data, however we want to hook up an external API and call that through our plugin to store the data in an external CRM system.

However reading through the docs and searching on here, I cannot seem to find a simple example.
also if I try to create a component it seems that it does not recognise the namespace…

import com.onehippo.cms7.eforms.hst.components;

public class EformsCrm extends FormStoringEformComponent {


Or do we create a new custom form and add a behavoir there?

Thanks in advance

You should be able to download sources of all existing classes / extension in your IDE (at least, in Intellij). Other option is to download them via maven.
Also, I think it would be better to implement behavior(s) instead of extending component itself…