Enterprise form responses in seperate database

Hi all,

For my client I’m discovering the possibilities to store all the form responses of the enterprise forms in a separate database, as we want to split this from our content database.

Does anyone know if this is possible? And if yes, how? I haven’t found anything pointing in this direction in the documentation.

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You can create your own behavior to handle such a case,

Our own implementation (which stores forms into separate node within repository) is described here:

I think you can access enterprise artifacts source code (via IDE or maven) if you need to check how we implemented it.

Hi @machak,

Thanks for you fast answer!

I did have read this, although it seems to me that when implementing a such a custom plugin, this will be plugged as additional functionality in the enterprise forms. Thus this will not prevent any form responses form being saved in the repository?

Thanks, Philippe.

HST uses repository for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post/Redirect/Get purposes, but you could delete data immediately after finishing your own storing process, or use trigger form data cleaner more aggressively/frequently.

Okay @machak, I think I know enough for now. Thanks!

Just thinking aloud, I wish HST-2 provides a component abstraction for persistence of the form data. At the moment, org.hippoecm.hst.component.support.forms.FormUtils seems to always persist in JCR. If there’s something like FormPersistenceManager with a default implementation with JCR but can be overriden with a different backend, it would be a nice improvement, IMHO.

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