What to include in SCM

Sorry if this is already answered in the documentation; or if it’s just obvious.

But what part of the project is recommended to be stored in SCM? I’ve built a project from scratch using the default archetype.

Do I need to store the “essentials” project? And the “hcm-content” under the “repository-data”?

Or is it all just our own preference?



Hi John,

You should commit everything apart from /target, /storage, /essentials/overlays and any IDE files like .project, .idea, etc.



Thank you very much.

I found the following last night which helped with my question about the content check in.

Being part of the Maven project, the repository data module source files should be checked into version control along with the rest of the project files. This enables developers to easily get the project up and running in their local development environment and collaborate with their fellow team members.