Error creating Project Distribution

I added to custom modules to my project. In my development environment, everything is fine .
But when I run mvn -P dist I get the following error:

    Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-assembly-plugin:3.2.0:single (distro-assembly) on project migration: Error reading assemblies: Error locating assembly descriptor: D:\Developemen

I already tried the following- without success:

  • delete maven cache
  • check Maven-Setting “Use plugin registry” in IntelliJ
  • Invalidate IntelliJ Caches

Any ideas ?

I am sure this is not related to maven or Intellij setting.
Do you have the file distribution.xml under that required path ?

No, I do not have this file! I am not really good with Maven- so I had a look at how the other modules are configured. They all do not have this file.

I used IntelliJ Features to genarate the modules and IntelliJ put them direct under the project-node in the root pom and not under profiles->profile (default) where the other modules are.

So I just moved them there and added the following lines to shared-lib-component.xml


Now the package is generated, and the jar-file of my integration-module is contained in the shared-lib folder ( I will add that for migration later).

This modules contain background-tasks to import data from external sources. Integration is used by a scheduler-job to fetch data from a RSS-Feed and migration is used by a groovy-script to import data from the previous used cms.

I did not test it yet - but I think it should work.
If there are better approaches with brxM , I am very interested to learn from experienced experts.