Exporting a Page From a Lower Environment and Importing into a Higher Environment


Is there a way to export a page from a lower environment and then import it into a higher environment and publish it there? I tried exporting a page from CMS console (workspace/pages/<page> and workspace/sitemap/<page> and imported it via the CMS console of the other environment and it was imported. But I do not see the page in the site or in Channel Manager. Is there a way that page export/import can be done?



The Channel Manager looks at the -preview configurations ( /hst:your-project/hst:configurations/your-project-preview), so probably you’ll have to create the items there as well.

In general the idea is that workspace is managed from the Channel Manager so alternatively you can just repeat the page creation steps on the upper env.

Cheers, Jeroen

Thanks Jeroen, exporting and importing the preview configurations worked!