Import/export XML from CMS console

Hello Experts,
I am trying to use import-export functionality. My use case is to clone the site data to other (here data means documents, configuration, pages etc.).
Let’s say I have created myproject-1 and created new documents and added new configuration changes to site.
Now I have created new myproject-2 here I want to import all contents and configuration of myproject-2.

  1. First I selected content folder from cms - console and did xml export. similarly I did export for hst:configuration. there are some jsps and .ftl files also that needed to export as changes are dependent. I have 2 content.xml and hst-myproject-1.xml. myproject-2 cms- console I trues to import these xml but failed. deleted content folder first and tried to import content folder but project name is different so import failed.

What is the recommended ways to use these import-export features? Did not find document link.
how auto export works? will it be useful to export data to other?


first let’s dismiss autoexport. That is meant as a development tool to export changes made in your local environment back to your project. It is not meant to move data between projects or environments.

Next, you may need to do some manual editing to adjust names in the exported file. I don’t expect that to be a major issue.

You may also be experiencing type errors. If you’re new project/environment does not have the same type defined, then you may experience constraint violations. This means copying both the cnd as well as the namespace nodes.

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In addition read following document:

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Thank you @jasper.floor for the reply. Yes I have experienced document type errors while importing to another project.
Any document link which matches to my use case?